PC & Laptop Repairs 

Do you have problems with your PC or Laptop freezing up, taking an age to do the simplest of things or giving you a blue screen?  


Midland-IT can quickly diagnose whether the computer has a software or hardware problem, we can test all major components like the motherboard , hard drive , processor , ram and graphics card.


Midland-IT have certified technicians who are some of the best in the industry they know PC's and Laptops inside and out.

Our technicians are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service.


Our goal is to perform the very best service and get your computer or laptop up and running fast, however, speed is nothing without quality and at Midland-IT both go hand in hand.


All laptops can be repaired, there is a common misconception that once a laptop has a problem then it's time to buy a new one. This is simply not true and is usually a statement made by an inexperienced or lazy technician one that does not have the proper training or is looking to get the sale of a new laptop through you.

Laptops are basically made of the same components as a desktop pc but in a much smaller package, all components can be repaired or upgraded.  


However, there are occasions where the cost of the repair will outweigh the benefit and where it is cost effective to consider replacing it.  Midland-IT will provide you with a fair and honest appraisal of repair versus replacing and leave the decision to you, we will not try to second guess you or try to make your mind up for you.


All desktops and laptops go through rigorous testing before, during, and after servicing the issue.


We offer business and residential computer and laptop repair services for all major brands of computers desktops and laptops including (but not limited to) Acer , ASUS , Compaq , DELL , HP, IBM , Lenovo , Gateway , Sony , Samsung , Toshiba.  We can either repair your PC or Laptop at your home or office address or collect it and repair it in our workshop.  Most repairs can be carried out at your address but if we do bring the item back to our workshops you will be given a return day and time that will be guaranteed.